A Note from the Goth Barge Crew

Ahoy, party people. We set up this little sideshow as a resource for upcoming events so you can stay in the know about the latest events put together by the Goth Barge Crew. Take a peek in our time capsule of past events and relive the good times. Or feel that sting of regret from missing some of the most wild parties that have been. Subscribe to our Midwest Rebels Almanac online calendar for even more events happening in the greater Milwaukee area.

So, What the Hell is Goth Barge Anyway?

Originally, Goth Barge was a Milwaukee based boat outing that toured the Milwaukee River while paying homage to some of the most revered Goth/EBM/Dark Wave music available. Nowadays, the Goth Barge Crew keeps playful dance nights going year round with some fantastic music and a cheeky vibe. Check out our upcoming events page to see what the Goth Barge Crew has cooking up next.

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